OCCULT II Featured Presenters: Richard Kaczynski, Joseph Theibes, Greg Kaminsky, Karagan Griffith, Aepril Schaile, Ron Whiskey, Steven Ryan, and Sarah Jezebel Wood.

OCCULT II Featured Artists: Gerrit Lansing, Aepril Schaile, Sarah Jezebel Wood, Natan Alexander, K Lenore Siner, Ron Whiskey, Tamara Wyndham, Juan Ramirez, RavenWolfe Photography, Jerusha Neely Robinson, LUNARIS, Vadalna Tribal Dance Co. and Dr. Bones Circus of Marvels.

Workshop Subjects: Using Aleister Crowley’s 777 to Create Telesmatic Images and Esoteric Art, Chi Gung and Ritual Dynamics, The Semiotics of Ritual – Invoking the Mask of Dyonisius, The Horned God, Aleister, Frieda and Thoth.

Yearly ritual hosted by the Temple of Thelema

Panel talk Magickal Art of the New Aeon hosted by Greg Kaminsky.