Aepril Schaile MFA: Co producer/director, is a priestess of the Dark Goddess. Working through the ancient and ever-evolving arts of Bellydance, Music, Ritual-Theatre, and Divination, Aepril Schaile creates art making the archetypal Dark Feminine sacred again. Sought after for events throughout the US and Europe, she is internationally recognized for her pioneering innovation and leadership in Gothic and Theatrical Bellydance. Her performances shamanistically and ritualistically invoke the archetypal Feminine as a force of Nature and Magick. Her Exquisite Corpse Dance Theatre Co. enjoyed a sold-out debut run of “The Book of Lilith: Goddess, Demon, First Woman,” an original, full-length ritual-theatre bellydance production.

Early in her adult life, Aepril received the classic Shamanic call to separation and descent, and spent over a year in the woods of Northern Vermont alone with her wolf-hybrid, Coda. During that time she took the path of Solitude and received a profound, devastating and ecstatic experience of Nature, Art, Magick and Spirit.
It has been her vocation to bring back these experiences to the greater community via artistic expression.Aepril is an acclaimed musician and composer, a writer, an animal rights advocate, a Witch and Thelemite. A practicing professional astrologer, Aepril Schaile is Venus ruled; a Taurus with Libra rising/Lilith in Scorpio conjunct the Ascendant. She has the glyph for Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, permanently inked over her heart. She is well-versed in Mythology and Jungian and Archetypal Psychology, and is a long time devoted practitioner of Witchcraft. Aepril spends her leisure time with her canine companion, Gwyddion, skulking around cemeteries and forests, taking photographs of that which strikes her imagination. She also writes poems. Aepril was born on a Wednesday, and holds an MFA in Interdisciplinary Art.


Sarah “Jezebel” Wood: Co producer/director, is a bellydance fusion artist and certified yoga instructor living in  NYC where she teaches weekly classes and performs regularly. Sarah loves to nurture and cultivate the deep creative beauty and strength that we each hold as dancers and envisions dance as fluid meditation where our bodies are the catalyst to experience higher levels of consciousness. Knocking down boundaries Sarah’s style ranges from slow and sinuous to quick, dark and aggressive. Her inspirations vary from the natural world to the occult to visionary art.

Sarah’s long time fascination with magick started as a young child and since then has studied many variations of Pagan earth based spiritualities including fire circle modalities. Sarah is a Thelemite and sol director of Lunaris, a ritual based dance collective whose mission is to physically manifest the workings of the soul and spirit through the art of dance, ritual, and theater. Dancers act as keepers of the gates and portrayers of the unseen. To experience Lunaris is to remember and awaken into/out of the dream.

Previously Sarah worked in Upstate New York for Visionary Artist Alex Grey creator of CoSM. There she facilitated CoSM’s heavy event schedules which included: Full Moon Ceremonies, Art Church, Equinoxes, Solstices, and whole slew of other art inspired events. Sarah is thrilled to now blend the worlds of the ART and MAGICK once again to bring to you an experience you are likely not to forget.